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Chase The Lifestyle And Not The End Result

Everyone seems to be searching for success like it’s a trophy or prize you get after finishing a race. Like the minute you cross that milestone off your list is the minute you can retire or call it a day.  What I want to know is what happened to doing what you love simply because you love doing it?

What happened to the phrase “It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey along the way”?

Listen…success in your life or any one persons life is a very subjective topic.  For some, monetary possessions act as milestones for success.  For others, it’s a perfect body or physique.  Either way…none of these milestones or “successes” should be looked at as the finishing blocks to your story.  In fact, your story isn’t solely made up of accomplishments but failures as well.

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The personal record high,is there a greater high?

The quest for a personal record! Because when you beat that demon inside of you saying you can’t do better, that’s the greatest feeling in the world. But really is it? That high is a great one but there a greater feeling. That feeling could be seeing someone else personal record broke. Someone else’s battle won!

That’s what I experienced on this day. March 18th 2017. As I set out to run a 10k. It’s already set to be a great one for me. My youngest daughter is setting a PR just by running the distance. She has never ran 10K before. Never ran that far. So it’s set to be a amazing race. You couldn’t ask for better weather, so the stage is set. I start way back in the shoot. Walking up to the start line with my daughter, giving some last minute encouragement. Tell her I love her and will see her at finish line. I take off… we had agreed that for this race I would run my pace, and a friend would run with her at her pace.

The first mile I realized I was over dressed for the weather and had to strip off layer quick, or I might have ran that first mile too fast. I was ok either way. The second and third miles I settled in, enjoying the moment. The fourth miles is really when it set in that the opportunity of a PR for me was there. My PR for a 10k is 54:27. The first few miles set the stage. So I pushed the pace a little. I knew I had to if I wanted to PR. I questioned my training, I questioned if I should push that hard. Been training at a slower pace for a longer distance. Should I jeopardize that? For that high? That PR high? Is it worth it? The more I thought about it… the more I pushed. Turning on the last turn of the race, less than a mile until the finish. Buts it’s a long one. Long flat distance, which you can see the finish line in the far distance. The wind at this point was blowing right towards me. I started to take off, looking at my watch and doing the math. I had 3 minutes, 3 minutes to push to my max to maybe get my PR. But something happened. I looked to the right… there is one of our kiddos. One of my daughters cross country teammates. One of her class mates. He was pushing it. All he had. I turned my music off and asked him “How he was doing?” He said he was good. I ask “how he was feeling?” He said good! I looked at him and said Let’s finish this buddy. My PR at that moment didn’t matter. Seeing him push himself across the finish line… was worth way more to me. That High was greater feeling, my PR for 10k will come a different day… today were their days. My Daughters, her teammates, her classmates and her teachers … seeing those guys and girls…. worth way more! Had a great race, made for a great morning.

Gassed out!!!!

Gassed out! Just when you think you can’t go any further. Can’t keep moving forward. Just when you think you are GASSED out! You push a little more… a little longer… you finish! That’s when you find out what you are made of. What you are capable of.

I hit that point this morning in my work out. Couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t continue… that’s when I realized I had one round left. I took some drinks of water… slowed my breathing and told myself, Let’s go! Let’s do this!

It’s truly that moment in time you find yourself facing your fears, your inner demons, that inner voice saying you can’t! When you push past that point of time. That brutal moment…. after that comes pure satisfaction. That feeling of achievement and accomplishment. That’s when you know what you are made of. How much heart you have. img_0294

Training for Life!

img_0026Training for my first full marathon? Yes. Training for upcoming softball season? Yes 

Weight training in the mornings at the gym? Yes. 
What else are you training for? Life! Every single thing I do is to better life. Better my life, for me and my love ones. Pushing my self harder than I ever have, all for the mental and physical strength to be prepared for the unexpected. 
My job requires me to expect the unexpected and be prepared. Ready for anything to happen. The simple things like playing softball, running, or weight training…. it’s all for life! Running will always have my heart. It’s a humbling sport… when you are on top …. you will hit that wall. Every runner knows that wall. That wall can happen in your everyday life. Running mentally preparing you to break that wall down and keep going. 
It’s all for life! 

Unlived life

“Don’t fear death, but rather unlived life”

Living life to the fullest, experience the most and enjoying every single moment of life. That’s what it’s all about. With running, you can better your life and quality of life. Keep it movin

Day 30

IMG_9944.JPGDay 30 and last day of running streak before 14 week full marathon training starts. I had not ran since October before this. Ate like crap during peak season at work and knew I had to get in shape for the training. The first couple of week was brutal, but as always it got easier along the way. Some days were bad but others were great. Some very cold, or raining… others perfect running conditions. Some inside but most outside. Day 30 was 5 miles which gives me 85.39 miles for the 30 days. I was bummed when I saw that number because if I would have push harder I could have hit that 100 mile mark. But still feel like I accomplished a lot. I got my body back into running shape. #runjunkeeambassador #RunJunkEe #roadtothefull #noexcuses #runningstreak #waytoomuchonmyplatebutwhatsnew

On the 8th, Christmas gave me…

8th day is running streak is Christmas Day. Planning for a longer run tomorrow but had to get it in. My daughter needs to get her mile runs in so Who better to run with on Christmas. It was an enjoyable 1.50 miles with her. She ran her little legs tired on Christmas morning by her choice. As a father this makes me super proud because I never knew as a child how important exercises and staying healthy was. She really cares about taking care of herself. What a great little run!

Goals… ready,set, go

So I have my eyes set on that 26.2 miles. I have done half marathons before, I know in my mind I could have made it the 26.2 miles before. It’s always been my  unicorn. That mythical  animal you can’t catch. I have always feared it but anyone who knows me, knows I’m hardheaded, stubborn. And it eats at me everyday that I never tried. I have always been a big believer in you have to earn it. Work hard so you can play hard. So my goal is to go on a run streak, running every day. No matter what, might just be a mile, or a long run but every day until a week before Apil 29th. D day! Road to the full. img_8461

My road to a full

This year I will begin my road to a full marathon. Its something that’s always ate at me. I have never took that step but always wanted too. Fear gets the best of me. My training for my first full started today with a very cold 2 miles. I have 4 months to get myself ready for it, I have been there before and know what I have to do. As I always say…. I have to Earn it! img_2113

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